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Two days later

Woah what a hectic couple of days. What was originally two separate events turned into a two day stag do.

It kicked off with seeing Black Sabbath (and a couple of other bands) at Hyde Park on Friday - resulted in a large quantity of alcohol consumed of the course of the day! Absolutely brilliant concert, but then totally knackered for the following day where the stag do kicked off at 10am for a 'stag' breakfast before we went into London for a proper wet shave at Trumpers in Mayfair. From there we had lunch at Delaunays, onto a pub or two and then the Hippodrome for dinner, taking in a burlesque show.

I am now totally knackered!

Weddings, weddings, weddings, weddings

There must be something in the air, as it seems to be a year of weddings (could be very expensive!) So far this year my brother has got married, next up is my fried Jon, then my friend Ming, and then finally me :)

Now you would have thought that the latter wedding, my own, is probably the one causing most concern, however no, I have volunteered to play at Ming’s wedding in a band that he is putting together.

Originally it was simple, he needed a guitarist, but due to one reason or another it got more complex. First a drummer was needed, I asked Jay, drummer in my band JustB, he said yes. Then after a few practice sessions we decided we needed another guitarist, brother Ell was roped in.

Long story short we now have the entire JustB band playing at Ming’s wedding, plus other instrumentalists. Thats:

2x Keyboard players
2x Guitarists
1x Drummer
2x Bassists (Ming is playing at his own wedding, plus my dad bassist in JustB)
2x main vocalists (Justin singer, plus singer / keyboard player in JustB)
The extra fun part is the choice of music, slightly out of my comfort zone it is proving quite fun to play and creates a different dynamic from the Rock / Metal that I usually enjoy. I have a feeling it will turn out rather well.

Watch this space for updates!

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