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Whoops delay again!

You know you think I would have learned by now not to make promises of more frequent updates, because it never happens.

So since I last posted what has happened? Well the Wandsworth Xmas party for a start. It was an odd evening, slow start with the first set being very quiet on the dance floor. I have to say that I was not optimistic for the second set. However how wrong can I be! Whether it was the music laid on by the dj during our break / the alcohol / or perhaps the choice of songs, but the second set was positively brilliant – we even had the dance floor full on the last song, ‘Here it is Merry Xmas’ by Slade, and everyone was singing along. I couldn’t have been happier.

Christmas of course with the family was great fun.

January – not so fun! I came off my bike and broke my collar bone. While not the end of the world it certainly put my life on hold for a little bit and has resulted is me no longer cycling to work. Cycling is now a recreational past time again for me. Instead I am driving to work and am back at the gym to keep my fitness levels up

Music wise I have completed the first song of my prog metal album. The song is titled ‘Beauty is not what it seems’. A demo has been recorded and once a couple more songs have been written I hope to get in the studio and complete proper versions.

It also that time again that I help out with the Gemini Dancers show at the Epsom Playhouse (See one of my earlier posts). I’ll post again when that is done!

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