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Married and music

Well its been sometime since my last post, but hey I needed to post something right?

Quite a few things have happened since I last wrote – I am now married (very happily) and music has paid a bigger part in my life.

Having played at my friend Ming’s wedding the opportunity for another gig came up at Christmas, where my band JustB ended up playing the Wandsworth Council Children’s Services Christmas party. After a hectic setup and sound check we played very well. The organisation could have been a little better as we had to cut down our set due to other parts of the party over-running, but I felt it went really well – we certainly had people up and dancing!

Now to top that off I have two new bands on the go. I have started a prog-music project with a couple of friends, and have now been asked to join a function band. So two music projects completely different.

Thats all for now but next time I promise to post an entry with at least 1 picture – all this text looks really boring on the page!

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