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How to get handoff to work with your Mac / iPhone

So having got a new Macbook Pro with Bluetooth LE I was looking forward to using handoff between the two devices, but nothing I tried worked. There were varying suggestions such deactivating handoff on either / both, and even removing and then re-adding the iCloud account from either / both. Again nothing I tried worked, until I read a single post on the apple discussions pages which simply said:

Airdrop must not be on!

I turned Airdrop off and lo and behold it worked immediately!

New business, new Macbook

Having had my previous Macbook for pro for the last 6 years I felt it was time to upgrade, this had the additional benefit in that  my previous MB Pro went to my wife, and her old Macbook went to our daughter who has a habit of breaking every computer she gets to use.

So this time rather than go for the 15" model again I decided to go for the 13" version. The latest retina version can run with the same resolution I am used to on my 15", as long as you can see it!

So I amy typing this blog post on the new laptop, and I am very pleased. Not only is the screen a joy to use and read on but the speed of the laptop with the faster processor and SSD is nothing short of amazing.

Definitely worth the purchase.

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