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Pi for everyone!

.... well more specifically Raspberry Pi :)

I got a Raspberry Pi mini computer as a birthday present and I am very pleased with it. If you have not head of the Raspberry Pi it was originally conceived as an affordable device to introduce children to programming and hardware development and was designed in conjunction with schools. There is a vibrant community on the internet designing and running all-manor of different projects using them.

A Raspberry Pi model 3BFor some time I have been conscious that running a home server all the time is using quite a bit of electricity, and in attempt to reduce that decided to get the Pi. On a side note I have also managed to reduce the number Wifi points in the house - thanks to a new more powerful router I have been able to remove a number of repeaters that I had setup.

So I received the latest version of the Pi, the model 3B, which is faster than the original with extra RAM. The actual mainboard as you can see from the photo to the right is very small, not much bigger than the palm of my hand, and even in a case it is very small. So not only am I saving electricity I am saving space as well :)

I am using it with a version of Debian Linux OS called 'Pixel' as a file server to feed the various media players round the house with video files. It has a fully functioning Linux desktop which I can manage remotely from either my iPhone / iPad / or laptop. I am also seeing what other projects I could use it for, perhaps something hardware related?

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