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This is my Sterling By MusicMan John Petrucci. Yes I know it seems that I buy nothing but signature guitars but hey, look at the Les Paul - started out as a signature guitar but is now a legend in its own right!

A mid range price guitar thats a bit of a shred machine. Nicely made with a look that belies its price.

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This is my Meanstreet Intruder guitar, modeled after the Music Man Eddie Van Halen guitar. Whilst not horrendously expensive this guitar is more than good value - the stock pickups have a great hi gain output suitable for rock and metal and the overall feel of the guitar is that of a much pricier make.

I have added an EVH D-Tuna which comes in handy for those drop-d numbers.

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This guitar is my Applause (by Ovation) bowl back electro acoustic. It got a really nice bright but deep sound and sounds great when DI'd.

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