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Its all a matter of time…

A mini revolution

Since 2004 or so I have been in the band “JustB”. From its humble beginnings in the spare room of the keyboard player to the now cavernous space of the keyboard players garage our weekly practices have always been loud - until now.

I have just recently purchased a #Jamhub : http://www.jamhub.com

What a change to our practice sessions! Not only do I come out of the sessions with my hearing intact (in recent years I had been using earplugs), but I can now hear not only what I am playing but I can clearly hear what everyone else is playing as well - on my own terms! Yes each band member can create their own mix - if the drummer wants more bass he can / if the keyboard player wants more drums he can - all without affecting anyone else’s personal mix.

The only thing we have still to work on is the drums (which are standard acoustic ones) and one of the guitars (his amp doesn’t have a silent DI out). But we are still sooo much quieter :)

Next is to try it out with my prog band - with electronic drums for practice that should be quieter still!