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Thermostat fun - Siemens RDJ10RF - temperature problem

Now I would never usually write a blog entry such as this, but.... the fact that having searched the internet for solutions I sill did not find anything I think it is worth while to write this post just in case someone else has the same problem.

Last Saturday all of a sudden the wireless thermostat in my house (a Siemens RDJ10RF) reported a temperature of 40 degrees C and would not budge an inch. The fact that we were not sweating profusely in the house supported my theory that the thermostat was faulty or at the very least playing up. (As a side note over the colder months we keep the ambient temp. in the house at about 18 degrees C).

I searched all over the internet for people experiencing similar problems and found no solutions. So I started to try a couple of things - here is a list of things that I tried which did not work:

  1. Took the batteries out for 5 minutes
  2. Replaced the batteries with new ones
  3. Put the thermostat in the fridge for 5 minutes
  4. Reset the thermostat

So none of the above could budge the thermostat from reporting anything other than 40 degrees C. My final solution was:

Remove the batteries for 4 hours - which worked!!!! :)

In the meantime I purchased a replacement Thermostat and Receiver online (same model) and although my existing one is currently working ok I plan to replace it with the new one.

As an additional note if you ever have the problem where the receiver, although correctly connected to the  thermostat with all lights on, does not fire up the boiler when you raise the temp, then give the receiver a good 'tap' - you should find that the boiler then fires up! (I found this tip elsewhere on line)